February 12. 2019/By Erick Acosta

How to build a Brand

February 12. 2019/By Erick Acosta

7 tips to create a great website

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Currently, it is important that a company or business has a website that shows the services it offers.

Designing and developing a website is easy, but how can you cover everything you need to have an excellent one?

For this you must take into account several aspects that start from the design perspective to the programming part.

All this is done with a main purpose; to make the user have a good experience so that it invites to buy or to visit again.

  1. Design

  2. The first thing you should know is what you want to achieve with your website and what actions you want the user to perform.

    Make sure to use colors that are eye-catching but at the same time not very intense to them.

    Inserting the logo of the company, contact information, products or services is vital, so the user sees that it is a reliable website.

    The home page has to be well ordered, with legible letters and quality images.

  3. Content

  4. Add an original content that attracts users, you can use texts as well as images and videos.

    An excellent option is to add a search engine, so you will facilitate specific searches.

    Also to use a content manager brings many benefits as well as positioning your website to be visited.

  5. Performs adaptation for various electronic gadgets

  6. Not all people use computers to surf the Internet, so a web page must be adaptable so that the user can open it both on a computer and on a smartphone.

    You can include a Framework for Front-end to help you adapt the fonts, menus, images and texts.

  7. Stores the images in the Cloud

  8. Avoid using many servers to manage content, use a cloud storage service.

    You can protect all the data without reloading the server, and you do not run the risk of losing them.

  9. Optimal server

  10. Using a server with a large capacity is important; it is very common for them to recharge information.

    You should not limit yourself to hiring a good Hosting service with enough storage space.

    Even if your project is small make sure you cover this requirement so that the page does not fall and work properly.

  11. Charging time

  12. If there is something that causes users to leave a website, it is excessive loading time.

    This happens because the server is overloaded; the solution is the content distribution system.

    With this system you avoid the slowdown since it directs the contents to different servers.

    Therefore the loading of the website will be fast and the user experience will be satisfactory.

  13. Suggestions

  14. The best critic is the user, so insert a form of suggestions to improve and know if there is a problem.

    If the people who use the website have the option to report a failure then you will be able to know it first-hand.

    Apply these 7 tips and you will have a quality website aimed at people looking for excellence and good service.

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Erick Acosta

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